Dorina independent escort

Dear visitors,
my name is Dorina - a 22-year-old girl who always smiles:) and does the best to make our meeting pleasurable for each other. I like to make a personal atmosphere on my meetings and have the feeling of being on a date or having fun as buddies. If you're looking for something more personal than an senseless hookup, then I'm the right choice.
The shortest time duration we can meet is 90 minutes: I like to give enough time to us to have a glass of tea/water/wine, talk a little bit, get to know each other. No need to rush, no time pressure.
As I have my own life and this is not my main activity, I'm usually more busy than others so it is better to write an e-mail a few days in advance. I give you my phone number after we set an appointment. 
A piece of advice to turn me on: write a nice letter. I don't expect long love letters:), but a greeting at the beginning and a goodbye at the end helps a lot. I also appreciate if you write a name at the end of the letter so that I know how to call you.
If you have any further questions after having read my website, please use the guestbook or contact me via e-mail.
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